DIVERSIFICATION Foresight Entertainment owns a diversified portfolio of several high quality screenplays in popular genres.

INDEPENDENT BUDGETS Using experience, worldwide contacts and production savvy, we will always produce high quality content utilizing the lowest possible budgets and creating the opportunity for profitability at a lower level of gross revenues than most studio motion pictures.

MULTIPLE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS The numerous potential media outlets for independent films, including domestic and foreign theatrical, television, cable, satellite, home video/DVD and all other ancillary rights will create licensing and sale opportunities for Foresight Entertainment.



Foresight Entertainment has the unique opportunity in offering the serious Investor an ideal chance to enter the entertainment industry in a rather unusual way. We are in the business of making quality films at a lower price and selling them for a substantial price.

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featured film

Featured Film

Shadow Hill: A night of terror begins as a psychologically tortured woman is forced to confront her dark past and the arrival of a vengeful entity.

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about us

About Us

Foresight Entertainment is an independent film company that will be attending all of the major world markets where movies are bought and sold, and is ideally poised to produce and distribute this film effectively.

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