DIVERSIFICATION Foresight Entertainment owns a diversified portfolio of several high quality screenplays in popular genres.

INDEPENDENT BUDGETS Using experience, worldwide contacts and production savvy, we will always produce high quality content utilizing the lowest possible budgets and creating the opportunity for profitability at a lower level of gross revenues than most studio motion pictures.

MULITPLE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS The numerous potential media outlets for independent films, including domestic and foreign theatrical, television, cable, satellite, home video/DVD and all other ancillary rights will create licensing and sale opportunities for Foresight Entertainment.

About Us

FORESIGHT ENTERTAINMENT is an independent film company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by producer and principal Charlton Jacques, Foresight plans to utilize the vast amounts of resources and skilled industry professionals in the independent film circle to produce viable film projects in various genres. These films will be targeted to mainstream North American and international audiences. Utilizing modest budgets for these films will also mean a stronger return on investment (ROI), greatly reducing the risks associated with investing in film.



Charlton Jacques

Charlton Jacques founded Foresight Entertainment with the goal of excellence, innovation, and artistic and commercial distinction. These superior qualities mirror his achievements as an independent filmmaker over the last decade. After studying cinema and film production in Toronto, Charlton took his ambition and experience to Vancouver where he opened the doors of Foresight Entertainment, Inc., serving as its president and executive producer. This independent film label is responsible for producing effective and influential genre works such as the critically-acclaimed festival short “Friends in Dark Places” and the dynamic, chilling sci-fi horror feature “Nocturne Six”, which took the international market by storm with its release in 2014. With an extraordinarily skilled creative, technical, and administrative team by his side, Charlton has positioned Foresight Entertainment to be a leader in entertaining and memorable film and television for many years to come..

Short Film Samples

The Cello Tutor
Friends in Dark Places - Trailer


Internet Movie Database - Charlton Jacob Jacques

Mission Statement

FORESIGHT ENTERTAINMENT is dedicated to the production of high quality, marketable films outside the bloated Hollywood budget infrastructure. The entire world needs content for rapidly growing television and cinematic markets, and independent cinema is one of the key providers. By combining fresh talent with seasoned film professionals, we hope to create projects that will flourish both creatively and financially. We believe the timing has never been better to get involved in the entertainment industry, and specifically, in the independent film market. With a team of bright and talented filmmakers, along with excellent contacts, we will deliver high quality filmed entertainment while keeping budgets low to maximize profits. You, as the investor, can anticipate a significant potential increase in the value of your equity position while possibly earning double digit annual dividends that could far exceed today's conventional interest rates. We believe that this program will prove to be a most satisfying and profitable investment opportunity.