DIVERSIFICATION Foresight Entertainment owns a diversified portfolio of several high quality screenplays in popular genres.

INDEPENDENT BUDGETS Using experience, worldwide contacts and production savvy, we will always produce high quality content utilizing the lowest possible budgets and creating the opportunity for profitability at a lower level of gross revenues than most studio motion pictures.

MULITPLE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS The numerous potential media outlets for independent films, including domestic and foreign theatrical, television, cable, satellite, home video/DVD and all other ancillary rights will create licensing and sale opportunities for Foresight Entertainment.


FORESIGHT ENTERTAINMENT has the unique opportunity in offering the serious Investor an ideal chance to enter the entertainment industry in a rather unusual way. We are in the business of making quality films at a lower price and selling them for a substantial price.

Producers are able to retain a significantly greater ownership position in their films when they are able to arrange the development and production financing outside the studios. Without the ability to make this type of investment, the producer becomes a participant in a business increasingly dominated by the US major studios. The fate of such participant is well documented in the popular press. The Studios can negotiate large distribution fees, imputed interest and other benefits for themselves. It is not unknown for a profitable film to be shown to be in deficit, with regards to the participant when all of these fees and costs are taken into account.

We are in continual contact with many of the key people and organizations that are responsible for sourcing, packaging and financing motion pictures and television projects. We intend to utilize all of our extensive contacts and relationships to generate opportunities from multiple sources including all of the major studios, financial institutions, third party producers, talent agencies, writers, directors and actors to achieve the best quality project possible.

Revenues generated by Domestic Theatrical are just one way a film investment can make money. Independent of that, many films became successful after foreign theatrical, television and ancillary revenues were factored into the equation. Home Video/DVD, pay per view and other rights can help insure an independent film's profitability without ever gracing a screen in your local theatre. The days when a film had to either sink or swim in a short period of time, based solely on its performance in U.S. theatres, are long gone. Today many growing ancillary markets present multiple revenue streams. Films are paid repeatedly by entities that license the rights for limited time periods.

Featured Film

Featured: Shadow Hill

Shadow Hill 2013: A night of terror begins as a psychologically tortured woman is forced to confront her dark past and the arrival of a vengeful entity.

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